Provider Downloads

Download the renewal application forms and documents listed below before accessing the Application link. The forms listed below can be downloaded, filled in online and saved to your local drive using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The forms now include instructions. 

How to Download SARA Forms and Documents

1. Click the Download link next to the form.
2. When prompted click the down arrowhead next to the SAVE button and choose Save As.
3. Save the form to your local computer.
4. Open the form and fill in the information.
5. Save the completed form for upload to your renewal application.

Forms and Documents

ProviderAuthorized Representative Form231.34 KBDownload
ProviderResearch-Based Curriculum Selection Form207.33 KBDownload
ProviderSubrecipient Single Audit Exemption Certification229.20 KBDownload
ProviderTax Registration Status Form239.74 KBDownload
SiteMandatory Drug & Alcohol Testing Affirmation Form159.65 KBDownload
SiteStaffing Pattern Form-Centers606.15 KBDownload
SiteStaffing Pattern Form-Family Child Care Home618.68 KBDownload
SiteStaffing Pattern Form-Out of School Time Program607.35 KBDownload
SiteSubsidized Child Care Provider Services Form219.93 KBDownload
SiteTraffic Record Check Affirmation Form162.35 KBDownload
SiteVehicle Information Form216.51 KBDownload